Frequently Asked Questions…

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers, which is followed by a list of definitions. 

What is Pureganic Liquid Manna?

Pureganic Liquid Manna is the ultra refined monatomic elements (single atoms of elements) found in Pureganic Minerals. We do an alchemical process on the raw mineral powder to extract the monatomic elements. We then suspend these monatomic elements in frequency charged water to keep them in their high spin state.

Why take both the Pureganic Mineral Powder and the Pureganic Liquid Manna?

Combining the Pureganic Mineral Powder and the Pureganic Liquid Manna accelerates the process greatly.

What is the difference between Pureganic Mineral Powder, Pureganic Liquid Manna, and White Gold Powder
or (White Powder of Gold)?

First, White Gold Powder is another way of saying White Powder of Gold, which are general terms describing the platinum based monatomic elements used by alchemists, and in physics. Pureganic Mineral Powder contains monatomic elements. Pureganic Liquid Manna is a form of the White Powder of Gold suspended in frequency charged water (so it is easily absorbed through the cell wall). The Pureganic Liquid Manna is comprised of only the platinum based monatomic elements found in Pureganic Mineral Powder. 

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What health claims are made about Pureganic Products?

None. The reason for this is, we don’t offer anyone a “quick fix” and will not do so to sell products. Manna/minerals is only one step in achieving overall good health. The current medical research into ORMUS material is showing remarkable results. In one case, its ability to relax DNA so that its reconfiguration can help battle cancer looks very promising. But to make outright claims that this will cure anything and everything is morally reprehensible! Personally, I can tell you what benefits I have found from using it. My photographic memory, that was damaged years ago, is returning and the pain from shin splints that have plagued me for years is virtually nonexistent. We remain very adamant about protecting our clients’ confidences and will only discuss the benefits they’ve received and the reasons they take our product with their permission. Some of these include; Diabetes, increased liver function (Hepatitis C sufferers), chronic muscular and skeletal pain, memory problems, dream enhancement, fatigue, vision, skin care and MS.

Is there any Gilcrest Precipitate in the Pureganic Products?

No. There is no Gilcrest Precipitate in Pureganic Products.

Great! What is Gilcrest Precipitate?

Gilcrest Precipitate is heavy metal toxin.

Are Pureganic products MLM (multi level) products?

NO! Absolutely not. 

Are Pureganic products available anywhere else?
Yes, Pureganic Liquid Manna is offered by Regenerative Nutrition in the United Kingdom. 

Element Definitions

Frequency Charged Water (enhanced water): a water produced by Dr. Rev. Joseph using frequencies and homeopathic processes to charge water, which originates for an exceptionally pure and naturally charged source.

Manna: another ancient term for monatomic elements, also used to describe “the food of the gods”

Monatomic elements: generally defined as the single atoms of the Platinum based group of elements; Platinum, gold, silver, copper, chromium, Iridium, rhodium Osmium, ruthenium, etc. Other elements can also exist in their high spin monatomic state such as Magnesium, selenium, sodium, silica, etc.

Monatomic minerals: The single atoms of minerals that will go into there monatomic state.

Monatomic state: The single atom (Mon = one Atom) (any thing that is broken down to its single atom structure is monatomic)

M-state minerals: = monatomic minerals (minerals in their monatomic state )

ORMES: (Orbitally-Rearranged-Monatomic-Elements) a term coined by David Hudson

ORMUS: an ancient term used for monatomic elements 

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