Garden Blend

Pureganic Garden Blend


NOTE: This special organic gardening blend contains Pureganic Minerals, blood meal, steamed bone meal, kelp and dolomite. 
It is NOT intended for direct human consumption (WILL MAKE YOU SICK).

Pureganic Gardening offers safe, healthy alternatives to the many sprays, fertilizers and other chemical concoctions available with amazing results! 

Whether you are an organic vegetable gardener or your specialty is ornamental flowers or having the perfect organic lawn, reap the benefits of natural soil enhancement! 

Our special blend will nourish your environment, and yield healthier disease and pest resistant gardens, lawns and trees. That health will directly reflect in the bounty, coloration and foliage.

To grow vegetables with amazing nutritional values, sprinkle 1 pound of the Pureganic Gardening Blend on top of the soil, and till under. In the fall, you can sprinkle the blend over your garden, cover with compost material, then till under in spring.

The average garden is 20` x 25`=500 square feet. At 1 pound per 100 square feet you would order five pounds at $ per pound, for a total of %%EDITORCONTENT%%nbsp;

Divide that by 3 (one application every 3 years) and you have a yearly cost of only $!

A photo and a letter sent in by one of our customers!

Dear Pureganics, I can’t believe the tomato we grew! A full 2 pounds! We have poor, sandy soil and a 1 lb. tomato was the best we did before using your special blend. We made BLT’s for six with this beauty. 

Thanks! BD, Washington 

Fruit trees: The rule of thumb for fruit trees is 1 pound per tree.
Application: Dig four holes equal distance apart approximately 18″ , 24″ out from base of tree, and 10″ , 14″ deep. Place equal amounts of the special Gardening Blend into the holes, and cover. This application allows for deep, extended feeding over 3 years.

Ornamental Flora: Dig a shallow trench around the plants, add Gardening Blend and recover.

For tender starters use the Pureganic Garden Minerals.

A note about bone meal: Bone meal contains some meat byproducts. Though, this is good, from the nitrogen content perspective, it can also provide an environment for harmful bacteria. Most companies (for increased profit margins) ‘short cook’ and grind. We only deal with ‘steamed’ product. 
This means the product was steamed cooked under pressure, decanted, then steamed again. This decanting of the protein results in a loss of nitrogen, but insures a sterile product.

Our Philosophy:

We are dedicated to providing a variety of safe natural products. These products Enhance spiritual well being and nourishes our living environment. We believe that with every moment we exist, we possess the ability to recreate our lives. Raise our level of consciousness and hope this enrichment, will someday, aid both humanity and our sacred earth. Though we are continually seeking scientific knowledge, it’s our Faith in God and Mother that inspires us.