Gardening Minerals

Gardening Minerals

Interested in organic gardening?
Go one step better with Pureganic Gardening!

Go one step better with Pureganic Gardening!
Pureganic Mineral Powder is good for soil ENRICHMENT and REMINERALIZATION but Pureganic Garden Minerals work better on your organic vegetable garden, along with ornamental plants and lawns.

PUREGANIC GARDEN MINERALS consists of fine and coarse minerals from the same source but with larger particle size then the Pureganic Mineral Powder.

(It is NOT meant for direct human consumption!) because it would be like eating fine gravel.

1.Why add the COARSE minerals?

2.The larger size contributes to soil aeration.

3.They tend to break down slower for a more gradual release.

Plant roots will always seek new supplies of nutrients. These nutrients must be readily available in a form easily assimilated by the plant’s cell process. Particle size (colloidal properties) also influences the rate of absorption.

Our GARDEN MINERALS contain colloidal minerals making it easily absorbed by the root structure. Also the interaction among the minerals provide plant synergy along with the correct balance of nutrients.

The health benefits from eating vegetables grown with PUREGANIC GARDEN MINERALS are great! You are eating food that has been grown with all the minerals the body needs! 

Remember: eating good organic food is a healthy choice, however that food supply will not have a significant nutritional value unless the soil it’s grown in can provide it!

When PUREGANIC GARDEN MINERALS are used in conjunction with organic material (compost), the plant growth is lush and the quality of the fruit is superb with little or no insect damage.

By using natural minerals, your lawn will be greener and safer for your children to play on. Mineralized soil also attracts earthworms! One night I was outside testing my new LED headlamp, when I noticed the night crawlers weren’t so easily spooked by the low light. What I saw (could have come from a Stephen King movie) were HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of worms! Creepy, yes, but they are very beneficial.

As little as one pound can cover 100 square feet of garden or lawn and this can be effective for up to three years!

Here are a few suggestions for application throughout the year…

Bloom Lake Idaho. (2006) This privately owned meadow had been used for decades as a landing zone and slash burning site from a previous logging operation. What little soil is left, is of poor quality and heavily compacted. I’ve been trying to seed this area with native flowers for years, with very little success. I finally took some of my established lupines, remixed the existing soil with Pureganic Garden Minerals and voila!

The first of many. Can’t wait until next spring! Here are a few suggestions for application throughout the year;

Just walk and toss onto established lawns.

Application to your garden or lawn can be done with a hose end sprayer which usually holds 1 quart, mix ½ – 1 cup of minerals.

Apply the GARDEN MINERALS before you plant or rototil. 

During the active growing season you can add a little at a time or dust the plants. 

Topical application to already growing plants has shown to significantly reduce pest infestation after foliage absorption. (Bugs are no different from any other predator. They’re more attracted to the weak and dying, not the ‘healthy’ plant signals.)

At the end of the growing season mix the minerals in as you turn your soil under.

PUREGANIC GARDEN MINERALS are great for your houseplants! Just add ½ – 1 teaspoon per average size houseplant pot, or mix a few tablespoons in the watering can every 6 months!

PUREGANIC GARDEN MINERALS are GREAT for starters and transplants (it’s not as HOT as the Garden Blend). Just put a pinch in each hole before setting the seedling into the soil.

Remember: All soil needs biological activity! We recommend good compost or worm castings for this purpose.

Note: Pureganic Garden Minerals are only sold in 5, 10 and 15 pound increments.

Our Philosophy:

We are dedicated to providing a variety of safe natural products. These products Enhance spiritual well being and nourishes our living environment. We believe that with every moment we exist, we possess the ability to recreate our lives. Raise our level of consciousness and hope this enrichment, will someday, aid both humanity and our sacred earth. Though we are continually seeking scientific knowledge, it’s our Faith in God and Mother that inspires us.