Your Search For White Powder Of Gold Is OVER!

Natures greatest Alchemist is a volcano!

Pureganic Mineral Powder is one of the richest and most unique sources of monoatomic elements and minerals in the world. 

This ORMUS rich deposit was initially formed by intense volcanic activity. This particular activity more closely resembled the Mt. St. Helens blow, than the Hawaiian lava flow type. Extreme internal pressure, heat and steam exploded the accumulated sedimentary and igneous material outward to form a massive dust and ash cloud, which settled heavily into a valley. This huge, ORMUS rich deposit was trapped in the valley, which later became an inland sea. 

Over time, marine plant and animal life forms accumulated additional mineral rich layers, under pressure. This inland sea eventually disappeared and remained covered until tectonic activity brought it closer to the surface. 

Some of the richest, natural, ORMUS sources in the world are from volcanic activity or ancient seabed material. What makes our Mineral Powder so wonderful and complete is that it contains BOTH sources. 

This combination is rare in the world: both, because of its rich, complex, elemental contents and because of its natural colloidal state. 

“Colloidal, is a condition, not a mineral. Fine dust like mineral particles pass into the colloidal state of fineness upon reaching a critical size when their activity prevents them from settling out as molecules of their particular inorganic element. Particles smaller than one micron are generally in an available condition ready for immediate use by plant, animal or human.” 

This state insures easy assimilation through membranes for vital uptake. 

Smaller is better! 

The body needs monoatomic elements. The smaller the particle is, the more surface area of that particle is exposed to potential energy. This is the key to Homeopathy! 

Small concentrated doses are far more effective. There is a delicate balancing act among countless interacting elemental principals, because No One Element Works Alone! 

Why do we need minerals? 

Without minerals life would not be possible! They’re required for every biological activity of the body!

Minerals are so tied into our biochemical and metabolic reactions that if there’s a shortage of just one needed mineral; the balance of the entire bodily activity is thrown off. Even the equilibrium and electrolyte balance of tissue fluid and pH, is controlled by minerals. 

All nutrients, such as; sugars, proteins, enzymes etc. require minerals to metabolize. This is one reason why minerals are so essential for healthy organ function (esp. the liver), including our largest organ the skin. 

Vitamins do not work without minerals! Our daily intake of minerals must come from a good food source. With all the chemical contaminants out there it’s hard to find that source. Even organic foods may lack a lot of these essential nutrients if the soil the plants are grown in hasn’t been re-mineralized.

Pureganic Mineral Powder provides 76 minerals and trace elements. Our talcum fine mineral powder is over 70% colloidal, so the body can readily absorb what it needs. Our Mineral Powder is Organic, making it safe for consumption by all life forms and does not contain additives preservatives or growth hormones.It’s easy to use!

Just spoon it into a glass of water or juice, stir rapidly and drink! 

How much should you take? 

That depends on your body size and dietary needs. Some people use as little as ¼ tsp. While others use a full Tbsp. or more. 

Pureganic offers some of the worlds purest and complete balanced minerals loaded with ORMUS material in their natural state. Our source is so rich in ORMUS material; we use it for the extraction of the platinum based elements needed to make WhitePowderGold.

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