Frequency Charged Water (enhanced water): a water produced by Dr. Rev. Joseph using frequencies and homeopathic processes to charge water, which originates for an exceptionally pure and naturally charged source.

Manna: another ancient term for monatomic elements, also used to describe "the food of the gods"

Monatomic elements: generally defined as the single atoms of the Platinum based group of elements; Platinum, gold, silver, copper, chromium, Iridium, rhodium Osmium, ruthenium, etc. Other elements can also exist in their high spin monatomic state such as Magnesium, selenium, sodium, silica, etc.

Monatomic minerals: The single atoms of minerals that will go into there monatomic state.

Monatomic state: The single atom (Mon = one Atom) (any thing that is broken down to its single atom structure is monatomic)

M-state minerals: = monatomic minerals (minerals in their monatomic state )

ORMES: (Orbitally-Rearranged-Monatomic-Elements) a term coined by David Hudson>

ORMUS: an ancient term used for monatomic elements