Interview with Rev. Bruce Curtis talks and his amazing discoveries?

Although Reverend Bruce Curtis has passed away, as per his wishes, his work is being continued by his wife Sandy. We dedicate this site to his memory. The world has lost not only a brilliant but truly compassionate man. This section describes the healing experiences of Rev. Bruce Curtis, the founder of the Pureganic Mineral Company, using Pureganic Mineral Powder as a mineral enhancement, and how he accelerated that healing process by discovering and using Pureganic Liquid Manna. Using these two substances together, combined with a proper diet, increased the rate of healing from his various ailments which included:

 Gall Bladder Failure
 Kidney Disease
 Leg Pain
 Liver Disease
 Neuropathy (in his hands)
 Severe Lack of Energy
 Sight Loss

Rev. Bruce Curtis talks about his amazing discoveries on his road to recovery. Through his use of Pureganic Mineral Powder as a mineral supplement, and Pureganic Liquid Manna, his personal results were amazing.

This interview took place December 04, 1998, and chronicles the story of Rev. Bruce Curtis, who received blood tainted with hepatitis-C. Rev. Bruce developed numerous health problems. Most of these problems were relieved through his own research and discoveries. As a result of his own efforts he found relief and healing came very quickly, and without much effort.

    1967 Motorcycle Accident

    "Thirty years ago I was an outlaw motorcycle guy. I had a bad accident that almost tore my leg off." Since the passenger on Bruce's motorcycle was in worse shape, and since they were taken to a small municipal hospital in Massachusetts late at night, the other guy was operated on first while Bruce waited. "I was bleeding profusely so they just cut my arm open, inserted a needle and pumped 24 units of blood into me till I could get into the operating room and they could close everything up. I never fully recovered from this accident. I experienced intense pain in my leg and back for the next thirty years." The problems resulting from this accident kept Rev. Bruce from an active life. He supported himself as a chef. During this time he gained a lot of weight, and eventually weighed 450 lbs.


    In 1994 his blood sugar was measured at 679. His doctor claimed that he had "never seen one this high in the entire Northwest area." Rev. Bruce was also vomiting yellow bile several times a day. He was sent to Spokane, Washington to a specialist who diagnosed his problem as liver damage caused by hepatitis-C. Rev. Bruce had contracted the hepatitis from the blood that he was given while he was waiting for surgery after his accident in 1967!

    Rev. Bruce was also diagnosed as being diabetic. A liver biopsy revealed that his liver function was about 38% of normal. His gall bladder was damaged and had to be removed. His eyesight was so bad that he could not drive. Rev. Bruce had "terrible leg pain; neuropathy in my legs and hands, cramps and spasms and all kinds of terrible things that were linked to diabetes." The neuropathy in his hands even made it difficult to play his bass guitar! (Neuropathy is a diabetic nerve disease where the victim experiences pain, and/or numbness in the legs, hands, and/or feet.)

    Rev. Bruce was injecting 40 to 60 units of insulin a day, and was on pain killers that barely took the edge off of the pain. Bruce said that "the cramping at night was so intense that it seemed like it just wanted to kill me." His doctor prescribed the anti-depressant Anitriptyline, which also had the effect of relieving leg cramps, but when he took it he "couldn't get his head off the pillow for two days" so he quit taking it.

    His eyesight was so bad that he "had to use 18 power magnifiers to read a line of bigger case letters in the newspaper." Rev. Bruce said, "all I saw was light and shadow; I couldn't see faces. I had no center vision. I had a little bit of peripheral vision that was pretty clear on either side. I had retinal myopathy, and that means the blood vessels in my eyes would blow up. In my left eye, which was pretty toasted out anyway they tried some laser shots, but I determined that I didn't want to do that because it is very painful and I think it is an aberrant thing to (have) happen." The blood vessel breakage in his eyes was quite a problem. Whenever a blood vessel would break, his eyeball would be filled with floating blood for quite a while. This seriously impaired his vision.

    The Road to Recovery

    In the early nineties, Rev. Bruce became an organic farmer. He read a book on organic gardening, which put him onto the importance of minerals for soil health. Because of this, he had been using soil mineral supplementation for several years at the time he was diagnosed with diabetes. Then, someone gave him the audio tape of "Dead Doctors Don't Lie," and this, plus his extensive research, inspired him to start taking the same minerals that he was putting on his farm. Initially, he literally went out to his barn and "grabbed a hand full of it, stuffed it in a baggie, brought it in and started putting it in double 0 capsules."

    The first thing that Rev. Bruce noticed when he started taking the Pureganic Minerals toward the end of 1996, was that the blood vessels were no longer breaking in his eyes. Next he said that he noticed that "after five days of eating these minerals that had been taken out of the ground," he felt different. Then, when he went to inject his insulin in the morning, he almost passed out. He had his wife purchase fresh insulin to be sure that it was not a reaction to bad insulin. The second batch of insulin had the same effect. Essentially, he was getting TOO MUCH insulin and having a low blood sugar reaction! He then had to cut down on his insulin dosage. Within three days he was completely off of insulin!

    To experiment, Rev. Bruce quit taking the minerals for a couple of days. He felt that there was 'something missing.' This is when he started taking a teaspoon to a tablespoon of these minerals per day. At this point he also started changing his diet. He quit eating refined sugar, chemically grown food, and most meat. He said, "I tried to eliminate as many man-made compounds from my diet as possible."

    Enter the White Gold Powder

    Around this time, someone handed him a copy of David Hudson's Global Sciences tape. This tape "struck a chord". He called David Hudson and went to Arizona to talk to him. He asked Hudson if he had ever heard of these minerals, and Hudson said that he had. In fact Hudson claimed that for a while he was considering using this mineral in his process, but he decided against it because it was too far to transport for his process and he already had a closer source from tailing piles in the Bradshaw Mountains of Central Arizona.

    In May of 1998, Rev. Bruce obtained some of the m-state materials (monatomic minerals) made from sea water and some from metal. His wife was very near death at the time, and though she took these materials for a very short period she died of cancer before they had a chance to take effect. He was despondent after her death, but did begin to take the m-state materials again.

    When Bruce learned how to obtain the m-state elements from natural materials, he tried his process on the Pureganic Minerals and found that they contained abundant m-state elements. He claims that there is no Gilcrest Precipitate (heavy metal toxin) in the Pureganic material. He also claims that the Pureganic material comes from an area where there are intersecting ley lines.

    Though taking the minerals brought about slight and consistent improvement in his condition, he really noticed a profound effect when he started taking the concentrated Pureganic Minerals regularly in early October of 1998, which he calls Pureganic Liquid Manna. He said, "as close as I can get to describing the intensity of one thing to the other is that I noticed about two and a half to three times more in my being. The Pureganic Liquid Manna seems to increase the speed of the healing process when used in conjunction with the Pureganic Mineral Powder."

    Reduced Wrinkles (an unexpected benefit!)

    Rev. Bruce reports that one of the most visible effects of ingesting the ORMUS (ancient term used for monatomic elements) materials is an improvement in the texture of his skin. He said, "I'm 50 years old, I've had a rough life. In the past two weeks I've had people, even guys, come up to me and comment about my skin. I play bass in a blues band, you know these guys are truck drivers, they work in slaughter houses and they would never say to another guy, 'hey man, your skin looks really, really good, what the hell are you doing'. But I've gotten that at least five times from fellows that I know who would never say that and I've gotten it from three different women who knew me when I was really sick before and they were flabbergasted. They said, 'you used to be all wrinkle in the forehead and stuff, what's up with that?'"

    Health Returns

    The doctors that he was going to told him that his eyesight would not improve, and in fact that he would soon be totally blind. Currently he just uses drugstore reading glasses for fine print, and his eyesight continues to improve.

    All of his physical improvements are well documented. When his doctor, an endocrinologist, measured his blood sugar in mid June of 1998 after he had been off insulin for a couple of weeks, his doctor was in total disbelief that he was not taking insulin any more! His diabetes was type adult onset insulin dependent diabetes, in which his pancreas produced adequate insulin but his body had an auto immune response to the insulin receptors throughout his body so that his cells could not make use of the insulin produced by the pancreas. The Pureganic Liquid Manna® and oxygen therapy seems to have corrected this auto immune response.

    (Rev. Bruce previously had arthritis but it responded well to oxygen therapy, and the improvement of his diet in 1991.)

    His doctor said that in all of his previous monthly visits, all of his health indicators had been getting worse. When he visited his doctor after getting off of insulin he was told that all of his health indicators were showing stable.

    Currently, he continues to see his doctor for occasional checkups and he says that, "my doctor calls me for nutritional information now!"

    He was also having serious kidney problems as a result of the diabetes. He was on a couple of diuretics to keep his kidneys functioning. He was taking 160 mg per day of the diuretic Lasix. He says that he is (now) completely off the diuretics.

    Though he has not had a recent liver biopsy, he is certain that his liver function is normal. He has also noticed that minor cuts and bruises are healing much more rapidly than they ever did before. He says that he tires less easily with exercise than before. Today, he had his heart rate and blood oxygen levels checked. His heart rate was 62 and his blood oxygen levels were at 100%.

    As I mentioned before, Rev. Bruce plays bass with a blues band. The neuropathy in his hands and legs from diabetes was interfering with this avocation. He said, "the neuropathy was the worst thing because playing bass, it's not good to have your hands go numb. I had that problem for a long time, I had to shake my hands and all that and that is dramatically, dramatically reduced."

    White Gold Powder Results

    In taking the Pureganic Minerals and Pureganic Liquid Manna, Rev. Bruce reports that he does not hear the 'nada' sound (an internal sound typically heard by people who take the White Gold Powder). However, he has experienced some kundalini energy effects while playing bass with his blues band! He says, "at certain times it's kind of like a combination of that ecstasy, that physical sensual arousal plus the electrical traveling up and down my spine, to the back of my head, to the base of the cerebral cortex, right up into the medulla oblongata, over the top of my head, down to both sides of my temples and it kind of dissipates just in front of my ears. I've felt that at least four times in the last two weeks. I've had that experience four out of the ten times that I've played in the last two weeks."

    Since he started taking the Pureganic Liquid Manna he has had several "intuitive" experiences. The most noteworthy such experience that he reported was a visit from the spirit of his wife six weeks after she died. He was despondent and nearly suicidal about losing her to cancer. In his words: "I heard her just as plain as day. She said 'hey, I didn't go anywhere; I'm right here. You've got something to do. Go do it!'"

    Questions about Dates:

    When did you quit taking insulin? Second week of May, 1998.

    When did you tell your doctor? Mid June at my next appointment.

    When did you start with the Pureganic? End of summer 1997. First physical evidence was that the blood vessels were not breaking in eyes. Second major noticeable change was increased energy.

    When did you start taking the ORMUS (Pureganic Liquid Manna)? Early October 1998.

    When were you born? January 12, 1949.

    When did you change your diet? About a year ago in 1997.

    When did you start oxygen therapy? 1991.

About Bruce’s passing.

When Bruce passed away in 2004, I received many (hundreds) of heartfelt e-mails and phone calls from all the wonderful people around the world, who admired him and his work. I also had one *$#@ who called me up and asked if his product killed him!!! I needed some time off, before I talked about this again.

Well it is time for me to talk about it.

Three ½ years before he passed away, Bruce was out working on his greenhouse roof. The ladder he was standing on broke and he fell over 10 ft. and landed hard on his back. The emergency room doctor told him he had several broken ribs and had probably “bruised” his kidneys. Even though he was peeing blood, he was told, it was just from the fall…. Within 6 months he was on kidney dialysis. His kidneys weren’t bruised, they were TORN! Not one “proactive” thing was done to prevent their shutdown. It’s the same thing I see everywhere now, just get them on a machine and keep those dialysis units running. $$$

We took the training together and dialyzed at home, so his work wouldn’t be interrupted. And that Man worked! He never slowed down, between his research and e-mails and his garden and the house, I could not keep up with him!

We waited for 3 years for a transplant. (I was not compatible.) During this time, the transplant doctors kept pushing this drug and that drug and he debated them all and their side affects (both the pharmaceuticals AND the doctors!) They even made thinly veiled threats implying he would not move up the transplant list, if he didn’t take their interferon. Why should he? The rest of him was doing fine.

His daughter was preparing to give him a kidney and had started the transplant testing. I left for a 3 day trip to be at my brothers wedding and shortly before I returned home, he was gone. He had sat down to watch TV and take one of his brief naps and he passed, peacefully away, in his sleep.

The Coroner said the cause of death was heart failure and that there were 2 contributing factors F

irst, that he had spent a big part of his life between 300-400 pounds. “Big Bruce the chef” and that didn’t do his heart any favors. Even though his heart was doing good and he had lost all the weight, there had been many years of extra strain on it.

(So please don’t put off your weight loss, too long.)

Secondly, he had not dialyzed on the third day, because he refused to do it without me. He hated going to the dialysis ward. Plus, he had been working way too hard, as always, out in his gardens, in the heat. He would have put that machine on a dolly and drug it around with him, before he would take any more time away from his plant or monatomic research!

I want to note, with great pride, that at the time of his death, Bruce had NO active Hep C, his liver function was at 100% and he was officially NO LONGER a diabetic.

The Coroner was also amazed at his medical history and she couldn’t figure out how he had lived as long and well as he had! Way to fool them Bruce!

So in summation, Bruce died from blunt force trauma to the kidneys, the medical community, did the rest.

Another last note: The dialysis wards were indeed full of diabetics and I saw a lot of amputees. So folks, do take it seriously! HOWEVER, the majority of the remaining dialysee’s were from blunt trauma (esp. car crashes), burns, and a GREAT many from bad reactions to drugs, administered by the doctors, during testing procedures. I’ll stick to Bruce’s stuff and acupuncture. It may be lucky after all, that I can’t afford health insurance…

Many Health Blessings,
Sandy Curtis

Thank you for taking the time to read this interview about Rev. Bruce.