How much should I take of the Manna and Minerals?

I get asked this quite a bit and there’s no simple answer. These products are for research and experiment purposes only, so there are no “dosages” to state. If I did state dosages (which I’ve been told only Doctors are allowed to do), then FDA may choose to rain fire down upon me.

However, I can tell you what myself and other people take.

I shake the Manna well and take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. When I first started taking it I used only a DROPPER full. On my “hectic” days I use two. Most people that I have talked to also consider this the norm.

I always think it’s wise to start small and add later. If you’re doing well on one dropper, then that is probably all you need.

A woman, who was using another product, contacted me and she was told never to miss a day and to gradually increase the doses (along with adding the several “tiers” of products needed to reach an “optimum state”). Hey, either the Manna works for you as is, or it doesn’t! In my “opinion”, tiers and increased dosages, are simply selling factors to get you to come back and buy more.

Manna products were put out there to help people! So, a pox on those who are trying to fleece those in need!

As for the minerals, I am a small person with a good diet, so I only need about a quarter teaspoon, stirred rapidly in a glass of water. I always dump out the heavier settlement on the bottom of the glass onto my houseplants. Unlike the Manna, I’ve found you can take the minerals any time of day.

Most people think a half-teaspoon in a glass of water, once a day, or just a few times a week, is sufficient. However, I do know some burly construction workers who swear by a whole teaspoon every day!

Go by your current diet and work load to decide what’s best for you.

Don’t forget to give some to your animals. For small pets, put a pinch on their food. For larger animals, just add a few teaspoons to their dry food and then work it down a few inches.

The Pure Gold Manna has extra gold in it. I put this out there because that little amount extra gold has helped with my particular neurological healing. I take only 2 DROPS once or twice a week.

I have found, I do not need it every day for it to be effective and most people agree.

Some people take a drop or two a day. Customer input, in general, has been between 1-3 drops, a few times a week. I take this along with my regular Manna and minerals.

I was contacted by a woman who was feeling sadder after taking the PureGold. I came to find out she was taking 2 DROPPERS FULL a day! Gold ENHANCES your current feelings, i.e. if you are feeling sad, you may feel even sadder! So please start with DROPS only!

I know, as the consummate business owner, I should be avidly pushing the sale of PureGold until I’m rich. Well, it ain’t gonna happen (especially the getting rich part!) The 2-ounce liquid Manna is loaded with ORMUS and is usually all anyone needs. If you feel good on the Manna as it is, then you shouldn’t need the PureGold. If you do want to try the PureGold, start with a small amount.

Also, we have definitely found that LESS IS BETTER!! When you feel good on the dose you’ve selected, DO NOT KEEP INCREASING IT! This seems to negate its effectiveness.

There is one thing I will stress and that is using the Manna with the minerals. I see no sense whatsoever in increasing cell communication (by taking the Manna) without providing the necessary materials that help rebuild those cells (nutrient and metabolic wise). That’s why I have the price discounts on the duo packs and have added a reduced price for the Manna, PureGold Manna and Mineral Combination. These Manna/Minerals really do work better together.

Note: Please keep the Manna away from electrical influences. I don’t know how many times people have ignored that one simple thing! Don’t put it in your refrigerator then call and tell me that it just isn’t as strong as the last batch.

I’m glad you’ve decided to try our products. Most of us have found the affects to be very subtle, so give it time and an open mind. Predominately, the usual, first reaction I hear about from new customers is, “My thinking was a little clearer today!” That’s a good start, because we all need a little more clarity, in our stressful lives.

If you are experimenting with other ORMUS products, I always recommend doing only one product at a time so they don’t compete against each other in your system. Most people give each new product 2-3 weeks. One day, I put a drop of my Manna and a drop of the Puregold on a flat mirror and watched them RACE together (same quantum state). Then I added a drop of some weird wonder water a woman I knew swore by, and my Manna repulsed it! By this, I mean 2 side by side liquids that refused to blend. The other stuff obviously was not in the same quantum state, in spite of its foo foo pretty advertising.

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know how it works for you and always feel free to hit me with any question.

Take care,

Now for the official footnote: These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are for research and experimental purposes only. Pureganic Mineral Company makes no health claims. Statements pertaining to mental, specific or overall health improvement are based on the Owner’s personal experience and the experiences our Customers wish to share.