Terms of Service for Ordering Pureganic Health Minerals.

Please understand that it can take up to 2-3 weeks to receive your order.
This is because we make our Manna fresh.
If your order happens to arrive as one batch is sold out, it is a 2 weeks process, to whip out another.
(We do NOT take shortcuts! )
If you have not received your order, after 3 weeks, then please do call or e-mail, as mail delivery errors have been known to happen.
Secondly, when you purchase our products, Google Checkout will send you a verification of your purchase.
At the same time, I receive the same notification.
I am receiving too many phone calls and e-mails pertaining to the following 2 questions; “Did you receive my order?” (Yes, if you got a Google Checkout notice, then I did too.) and, “When will my order be shipped?”.

This takes away from my time to respond, in a timely manner to product and health questions, and THAT is what I am here for