Going on 3 weeks now, and although the subtle changes are too many to list I can tell you that I'm a night owl by nature and I work nights at a pool hall. I was actually attracted to your product before I read Chris Stewart's testimony, but that sealed the deal for me. 

This is the first Ormus product I have tried, and I bought the 3 pack Manna, Pure Gold and Minerals. While all have their own effects, I notice an amazing energy boost from the minerals, and although I do not recommend the hours I have pulled, the stamina boost is quite remarkable. 

My lower back problems began more than a month ago and was the most serious strain I have had, it would flare up and get hot and achy, I have not had any flare ups since taking your products. 

Mental effects are difficult to put my finger on, but I can tell you that I am always "with it", my alertness is very..acute. Strangely enough, I noticed that at some point that I began including my left pinkie while typing, and I have never been an effective typist. Besides that, I feel as though I frequently have insights that I have not had before. 

I started out by taking grape juice (contains monoatomic Rhodium and Iridium) and your products have felt like a natural extension of the effects felt from that. 

Thank you for providing such excellent products and service, 



I've been a fan of your liquid Manna for a little over a year now. I take it religiously, on a daily basis, when I'm responsible enough to have ordered more in time to keep myself in supply. It's only downfall, is that it doesn't just fall from the sky! 

I'm a 35-year old man and if something isn't convenient, then it usually doesn't fit into my schedule. Your Manna is fantastic! The Puregold is, well, it's named appropriately! I'm very much into my health and mineral supplementation. But I found myself tiring of the not so heavy duty of mixing your mono-atomic magic powder on a daily basis. Then it hit me, one day, as I was preparing a jug of Gatorade for work (gotta have those electrolytes). I simply mixed a weeks worth at once and just give it a good shake before my issue. Now my life is easier than a caffeine junkies in the drive through window at Starbucks and undoubtedly a lot healthier. 

Your products kick ---!!! I'm a work hard, play hard, kind of guy. I swing around the iron putting up buildings all day and I'm usually on a pool table every night until closing and still ready to go every morning. The young guys don't know how I do it and the old timers are all checking out your products too, with similar results. The Manna and Puregold make me feel physically/mentally fresh and alert, vibrant and confident. 
It's just awesome! 

Chris Stewart 
Journeyman Ironworker 
L.A. Local 433 


I stopped smoking today, I've been smoking a pipe since 1970 and I just stopped, and I feel great. I put down the zptech  and the indium and am sticking with the manna. Marc


We received our order a Few weeks ago. Your amazing service is a true breath of fresh air! 

I have been very pleased with your products so far. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with ADD. 

My mind is usually so clouded and distract able that I have a very hard time functioning. Even with medication, I can get lost in time for hours. 

After learning about white powder gold, I decided that even if the only benefit I received was clarity, I would be way ahead of the game. 

I stopped taking the medicine the day I started taking your Manna, Pure gold, and Minerals, just so I could feel the difference. 

I haven't taken my prescription in over 3 weeks now, and I have been more clear mentally, and less distractible that I can ever remember being... even on the medication. 

I have also been very pleased with the fact that I have become more aware of the time... My days of getting lost in time for hours on end seem to have ended. 

Finally I can remember to do those things that are important. Finally, my 3-4 times daily realizations that "I DID IT AGAIN" have been reduced to about what I perceive to be average ( I have forgotten 1 thing in the past 3 weeks) My household is approaching normal after years of Chaos, and I am relieved to be free of the medication (and side effects) I thought I would be reliant on for the rest of My life!! 

From the bottom of my Heart! 

Thank you!! Sharon T


I have to say I'm never going off this. I'm clearheaded, remember - don't need a list. And my lines around my eyes are fading. I look awake and fresher after 1 week. The 1st time I took the minerals - was at night, it was unnerving and weird. So I take them in the morning, was like a high for a few minutes. I'm not as tired either and going to bed at 10:30-11:00 pm and awake at 6:00 am, perfectly fine during the day. That's a bonus, I was getting so tired I was in bed at 9:00 pm sometimes. 

Thanks Robyn


This stuff is great. As you know I work nightshift. I am no longer tired and burnt out. I have much more energy. I have a cat who suffered from lymes disease with after effects of stiffness and muscle pain. I also put him on the minerals and manna. 

It's been a month and he's playing and picking on the other cats again. It really did my heart good to see that. I really thought it would eventually be his end. Will be ordering more manna.

Thanks again, Lorraine

Sheri has been giving them to all the animals. We have been giving our cats minerals for two years and their health has improved dramatically. 

Since they are Persian or half Persian we can see changes in their fur fairly quickly. Their fur went from dull to shiny and the quality improved too. By that I mean the loft and density was better.

Our ten year old Persian female escaped and got pregnant so we were quite concerned for her health. We fed her a teaspoon of minerals daily with each bowel of dry food and water. She really liked that. All five of her kittens were delivered easily and were perfectly healthy.

Actually they were more than perfectly healthy. They are so calm and intelligent with such good personalities that we ended up keeping the entire litter! 

They are an important part of our life and we so appreciate your efforts. 

Dane Arr 
Sheryl Arr 
Tempe AZ

This is Rosemarie and her son Brian sitting down together to write this. We'd love to have our comments posted but we thought you might like some more details. We have both noticed dramatically increased energy and intuition. I have a history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so the increased energy is a huge blessing for me.

My ache's and joint stiffness have also greatly decreased. My memory is sharper, I have been having increased dream recall, and I have noticed a greater connection to what I call "The Source" The Universe, God/Goddess, whatever you wish to call it. Brian is a chronic depressive and has noticed a significant improvement in his mood. He is also experiencing improved memory, much more vivid dreams and says his libido has returned to what it was 10 years ago when he was in his early 20's. 

We have been taking the Liquid Manna and Minerals for approximately 3 weeks but noticed many of these benefits in the first two days. Brian tried these products several years ago but mainly took only the manna and forgot about the minerals, which is something I'm sure many people do. They definitely work better together!! 

Rosemarie and her son Brian


I just wanted to say how happy I am with your service! Thank you for offering wonderful products, and thank you for getting them to me so fast! White Manna is truly profound and I am very grateful! 

Shawna M 

I am writing to share with you the results of my taking the Pureganic Mineral Powder and Liquid Manna for my first month. I ordered the duo in late November and started taking 1 tsp. of the Mineral Powder with 1 dropper full of the Manna, daily in the AM. 

In one month's time, here are my results: - joint pain in left knee gone- incontinence gone- skin tone improved- energy increased- depression lifted- no cold or flu (during this year of flu epidemic in the U.S.)- insomnia gone, with less hours slept, but great energy in the mornings- intuition increased- anxiety decreased I am very satisfied with your product. I've ordered more Liquid Manna, and the White Powder Gold. 

I'm looking forward to further healing and improvement. Thank you for such a transformational product! 

Most sincerely, Mrs. Morris Pennsylvania

My God, you are not kidding around! I just received the shipment of the liquid manna and the white gold powder. I only took three drops of the gold to start out with. It is a very nice experience, to say the least. 

I wanted to meditate, sit in the sun, and not do any work. It seems to be a very pure frequency indeed. My customers are really turned on to the manna. I do not have to work very hard to sell it. To me this speaks well of the energy you have put into this product. I do not like to be a salesman at all -- I do not have the time for that. Yet your manna seems to catalyze people's intuition and they are attracted to it.

Thank you, Neil Naljor Creations


I hope you are well and feeling good. I am feeling better SINCE STARTING taking the white powder AS OF LAST WEEK. I feel sensations flowing through me, impulses, a good feeling of energy flowing. I am sleeping way better, and feel rested when waking up in the morning. And my sleep time is already shortening.

I already feel the benefits from it. It is the only thing I have used that makes me feel better, and I felt it right away. I weighed myself at Saint Luke's rehab.

(I help take care of my brain-injured brother here at my Dads, I did not tell you Reverend Bruce, about him.) I weighed in at 398 lb., last time I weighed in at 452 lb., so I have not eaten too much lately as I had told you. I feel way better already; 

I am totally excited about this. So I wanted to thank you, and tell you how I feel....

Sincerely, Dennis N.


Denise here again from England. I have a lot of positive news as result of taking your liquid manna! Hay fever allergy -- gone. Skin tone smoothness and youthful look in the face -- vast improvement in 2 weeks. 

Deep and relaxed breathing -- vast improvements. Weak spinal vertebrae and lower back pains (experiencing this for 10 years) -- now stronger spinal vertebrae and pain in the lower back is almost completely disappeared. Strength, stamina and endurance -- huge improvement. Stiff joints and clicking, particularly in the fingers -- almost completely cleared up. 

All these noticeable results occurred in the space of a month. Thanks very much for contributing towards the gradual improvement of my health and others…

Kind Regards, Denise


I recently purchased some liquid manna and mineral powder from your web site. It was recommended to me by Barry Carter. I wanted to try some of the m-state material to compare it to with what I am making from Atlantic Ocean water. 

The material that I have produced has not manifested any physical changes for me, however since adding the mineral powder and the liquid manna to my daily regimen I have noticed something. 

I have had four knee surgeries, three on my left knee and one on the right. Though now they function wonderfully I suffer from swelling and pain during weather changes. The last two major storm fronts that have passed the East Coast I have not felt. I think the m-state material is responsible. 

Thank you for that. I have joined two of the work groups, and I am planning to discuss this phenomenon soon. I see that you are a contributor to these groups and look forward to reading your posts. 

Again, Thank You. Love and Light, Doug G.


This is Larry in Washington State, and I thought I would write a few words to you and let you know how I am doing since I started the Pureganic Manna. But first I will try to refresh your memory on my conditions. 

1979 I broke my back and had a fusion on the 4th and 5th, lumbar which left my legs numb. 1988 I was in a motor cycle wreck, which caused a brachial plexus of the spinal cord and paralyzed me on the left side, and left me in a lot of pain. 

I could go on, but the exciting part for me is that even on the first day I tried the Manna I could tell a noticeable improvement in the strength of my legs. And after 30 days, I have much higher levels of energy throughout my body. I can't wait to see what the next 30 days will bring! I will do my best to update you every 30 days on my progress.

Thank you for every thing Bruce. Signed, Larry


Hello Reverend Bruce! 

I want to give some feedback on my progress. As I already told you, my energy level increased significantly. I have more physical energy, especially when I hike up the Mountains. I can go and go and go. I sweat a lot but that doesn't matter. Also my sexual energy is more enhanced than before (and it was good before I started taking your minerals). 

I can climb much higher levels of orgasmic energy. And because I use the Shamanic fire breath, I can handle that level pretty well now. Since a couple of years I have Kundalini-like symptoms. This is when I feel the energy moving up my spine and expanding in all directions up in my 7th chakra. This sensation has gotten stronger now with your minerals. 

It is a feeling of pure bliss and ecstasy. I love it. It also gives me more mental energy. That means that I am able to stay more concentrated over a longer period of time. Mental exhaustion and stress are reduced. Any comments from you are very welcome. 

Blessings, Christian
Be sure to come back and share your thoughts and experiences with us!


Here's what one customer has to share!

I just wanted to touch base with you & to show you my little test I ran with the Pureganic Mineral Powder. I have "cowhorn" peppers growing in pots in my backyard (along with many other varieties), and the plants weren't doing so well after transplanting. They were showing signs of wilt, and the green coloring of the leaves wasn't a deep green like it should have been--it was splotchy, and looking "burned" on the ends of the leaves of both Plants. 

I placed identical plants into 2 pots, and they were growing extremely slow--I think the roots were starting to "ball" or "tangle". Anyhow, I decided to use just a little bit everyday of the Pureganic Mineral Powder on only 1 of the pots to just observe what happened. Here is a picture of two peppers that I started at the same time, in the same soil (except in different pots made of the same "orange" clay--standard pots). 

On one pot I used the Pureganic Powder & on the other I just watered normally--now remember--I haven't had these minerals long--maybe 2 weeks or so? The results are CLEARLY AMAZING!! Load this Photo--the pepper in my hand on the left is the "normal" pepper, and the one on the right is the "Pureganic" pepper. Simply put: "AMAZING!" ​

Even the old men (the morning Coffee Group) at the Feedmill here in town were amazed--I walked in and showed them these same pepper examples (which I had purchased there in the first place as seedlings basically).  
Then proceeded to actually orally take a small spoonful of the Pureganic Powder--they nearly went into shock!

They thought "Is this guy crazy or what?!
Why--he's eating fertilizer!"
They didn't know what to think!
But they DO know a good Product when they see it. They had to admit that "something" was happening to make my peppers SO LARGE!! I informed them that this Pureganic Powder would out-fertilize ANYTHING they had, and also that it is Completely Organic. 

I have learned something new or seen something in a different light EVERYDAY that I have used your Pureganics! You are welcome to post this to your site, or choose to do whatever you may with this info. --I'm here to back it up if ever needed. 

Thanks for EVERYTHING! Have a Super-Charged Day & Weekend! 

With Kindest Regards, Andrew E. Howell  ​
Now for the official footnote: These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are for research and experimental purposes only. Pureganic Minerals makes no health claims. Statements pertaining to mental, specific or overall health improvement are based on the previous Owner’s personal experience and the experiences our Customers wish to share.